Board of Directors

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Minősített NATO

Board of Directors:

Bretz Gyula                 President

Erdész Kálmán          Member of Board of Directors

Válay Zsolt                  Member of Board of Directors

Soós Gábor                Member of Board of Directors

Törő Gyula                  Member of Board of Directors


Board of Supervisors:

dr. Kiss Árpád           Director

Bödecs Zoltán         Member of Board of Supervisors

dr. Zsolnay András  Member of Board of Supervisors



Presentation in the University of Debrecen Faculty of Engineering about our technologies and activities

Our colleague, Mr. Sándor Stenzel held lectures and pratices for 2 days in the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Engineering.



Electrification of Budapest – Esztergom Railway line

The construction of Esztergom railway line began in the 19th century, originally the track has meant to be a commuter (local) line. The primary goal of the railway track was to secure the supplement of coal for Budapest’s factories and population. In the 20th century the coal mining dropped back and the surrounding settlements rapidly increased. The role of freight traffic was taken over by the suburban passenger traffic.