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iso 9001

iso 14001

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Based on our Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001:2001 introduced in 2003 our company intends to achieve a constant improvement to the quality of design work in order to ensure that it should meet the ever increasing demands of domestic and foreign clients.

Since our company bears responsibility of and committed to the environment, in 2004 we integrated the environment-orientated management system meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 into our already introduced and operated system. The environmentally sound thinking of the company, the responsibility for the future generation, and the establishing of conditions for protecting the natural values all are determining elements both of our internal actions and design activity.

Among the quality criteria for our work the performance of our contractual obligations in full is a highly privileged question, in regard to technical content and deadline alike. Each technical solution planned should meet the requirements for an up-to-date design, economy and feasibility. In addition, the proper depth at which the design is elaborated, the level at which the various sectoral designs are co-ordinated, the clear and consistent drawing technique solutions, proper legibility of the drawings, and the outward appearance of a complete documentation also represent important qualitative features.

The basic document for the Quality and Environment Management System of UVATERV Ltd. is the Quality and Environment Manual, specifying the company management's approach to quality policy, the structure of the quality and environment management system, containing and presenting all of the basic principles of organisation and management that should be used for operating this system.

During the supervisions performed by the management special care is taken for the improvement of the design technology and for the training of our staff. The improvement of design technology includes the development of methods, handbooks, PC software, hardware and other implements used in the design processes, and the improvement of control, management and organisation of the design work. The aim of training is to ensure that each employee working for the company can meet – following the constantly changing conditions – the requirements set out for him/her. Within this, it is of outstanding importance that each employee should be aware of the importance of quality, and the role he/she plays in relation therewith, and that his/her demand for quality as well as commitment to the environment will arise.

The quality and environment management system also contains proper procedures for ensuring that the designer should keep such a working contact with the Client during the entire period of the preparation and implementation of a specific project which would result in finding solutions that meet the requirements of the Client the best, and in the most economic manner.