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Minősített NATO

President-Director General:

Bretz Gyula

Deputy Director General, Financial Director:

Erdész Kálmán

Engineer Deputy Director General:

Törő Gyula

Division Directors:

Szécsényiné Tar Mária

Heads of Departments:

Department for Motorway,  Public Road Network Development and Environmental Protection Design:

Lukács Miklós

Department for Railway Design:

Vízkeleti Ferenc

Department for Road, Traffic Engineering and Airport Design:

Vincze Gézáné

Land Survey and Real Estate Department:

Kecskeméti Balázs

Department for Water Management and Public Utility Design:

John Rudolf

Department for Bridge and Structural Engineering:

Bedics Antal

Department for Metro System and Structural Engineering:

Juhász Imre

Department for Architecture and Installation Engineering Design:

Sáhó László

Department forf Research & Development and Information Technology

Novoszáth Tamás

Section Managers:

Export Section:

Simonyi Tamás




Electrification of Budapest – Esztergom Railway line

The construction of Esztergom railway line began in the 19th century, originally the track has meant to be a commuter (local) line. The primary goal of the railway track was to secure the supplement of coal for Budapest’s factories and population. In the 20th century the coal mining dropped back and the surrounding settlements rapidly increased. The role of freight traffic was taken over by the suburban passenger traffic.