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History - We have histroy

Uvaterv is the company that not only has a future, but also a significant past. For more than 75 years, our company has been a key player in domestic and international transportation and thus indirectly in people's everyday lives. We are proud of our achievements so far, the Hungarian road and highway network realized based on our plans, the Danube and Tisza bridges, the facilities of Ferihegy International Airport, Budapest II. and III. metro line. Among our international works, the most important are airport designs and guided tours in Algeria, a 700 km railway line in Libya, and the design of the Tripoli metro network. We believe that, based on our past, we will continue to shape future transport planning with our work.


Expertise - We belong together

Working at Uvaterv means belonging, based on a clear vision and values. From the very beginning, our company was the real workshop where generations of engineers were raised and obtained the coveted practical training after university education. There is hardly a region of the country or a management, investment, construction or design company related to the profession where we would not meet our former colleagues. Our colleagues are recognized and active members of the engineering community. At professional conferences, they are present not only as regular participants, but also as speakers.They also excel as university lecturers, passing on their valuable professional knowledge to the younger generation. This is also why Uvaterv is able to show the way as an expert partner in planning the transport of the future.

Innovation - Let's develop together

When we say that we are shaping future transport planning, we mean it. Uvaterv's engineers are characterized by creativity and continuous innovation, the results of which are proven by our inventions and novel solutions in all areas of technical design.In addition, we ourselves are part of the development, so we are constantly shaping our company processes taking into account our core values.Thanks to this, we now work in a project management environment and design in the most modern BIM systems.