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Our project on special construction technologies is accomplished

2013 szeptember 18.

In the beginning of September, our company accomplished the second phase of development project - initiated in frame of New Széchenyi plan – consisting in elaboration of a construction technology based on special reinforced concrete structure with the cooperation of BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and Unionplan Ltd.

According to the government economic policy opening towards Eastern countries, several Hungarian building industry design and construction companies are interested in initiating relationship with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan – countries in high risk seismic zones. Therefore this is essential to determine, elaborate and realize innovation and development tasks which enable the Hungarian companies to obtain market presence - in the building industry.
As part of the above mentioned strategy, company UVATERV decided to elaborate a development project named “Verification of reinforced concrete structures of reinforced concrete frames according to the Russian seismic standards – technical documentation and completion of relating tasks”. As result of the development projects requiring more than half year, the realization of standard reinforced joints renders possible, respecting the technological instructions, the easy design and construction of reinforced concrete frame structure buildings to be constructed in seismic risk environment.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Bridge and Structures contributed to a great extend to the technological applicability by its test and experiment realized. In order to improve safety of building constructed in seismic risk regions we aim to continue these university experiments.

Road Technical Specification

One year before the project completion the draft of “Design and fabrication of elements of prefabricated light concrete supporting structure for traffic purpose” was realized.

In the frame our R &D project marked KMR_12-1-2012-0156 the realization of the new Road Technical Specification draft was supported by the Hungarian Government, assisted by NFÜ – National Development Agency and financed by Research and Technological Innovation Fund.
The elaboration of this draft was one of the main aims of the present work phase.
According to the further administrative procedures the final documentation will determinate the technical and application environment which is essential condition of feasibility of any relevant future concrete structure.
The present specification includes the following main points:

- Application field
- Terminology
- Design principles
- Materials
- Structural design
- Qualification control and requirements.

The final and approved specification will be considered in the future development works.
The specification was elaborated by Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Department of Construction Materials and Engineering Geology, Department of Bridge and Structures with the coordination of UVATERV.