Airport design

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At passenger transport - mostly as an effect of trip times that gaining in appreciation - air transport is the transport mode undergoing the most dynamic growth. As the travel demands increase, the technical and engineering facilities also need to be expanded. These facilities require a wide range of engineering knowledge and experience.

Since its foundation, UVATERV has been dealing with the design, development and modernisation of airports. Budapest-Ferihegy International Airport, and a number of military airports, and several airports of miscellaneous function were built according to designs by UVATERV Ltd. Two civil and five military airports were designed for Algeria within the framework of one of our most successful undertakings abroad. For most of them, we also directed the construction operations.

Having all these references and professional experience, UVATERV is capable of performing a global planning and design of:

  • the layout of new airports;
  • runways, taxiways and parking areas;
  • passenger terminals, operating and commercial buildings;
  • technical back-up facilities;
  • navigation and air control systems; and
  • all related facilities.




Electrification of Budapest – Esztergom Railway line

The construction of Esztergom railway line began in the 19th century, originally the track has meant to be a commuter (local) line. The primary goal of the railway track was to secure the supplement of coal for Budapest’s factories and population. In the 20th century the coal mining dropped back and the surrounding settlements rapidly increased. The role of freight traffic was taken over by the suburban passenger traffic.