Design of plant projects

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Complexity is one of the main features of UVATERV Ltd. It makes the company suitable for the design of facilities requiring co-operation between the various engineering disciplines existing within the company. Particularly, designs for transport-related and industrial-type projects are prepared in such co-operation.

Designing the maintenance, operation and service facilities associated with designing roads and, particularly, motorways means continuous work for the engineers with excellent references and professional skills. Such facilities are: maintenance and operating plants, motorway operating and maintenance centres, border crossing points for road traffic, toll-collection facilities, rest areas and service areas, filling stations. Further responsibilities of similar character include the designing railway stations, depots, bus stations, servicing stations, miscellaneous workshops and airports.

UVATERV Ltd. has proper skills and references to design the facilities mentioned above. Correct performance of the civil engineering and building engineering assignments is backed up by the collaboration of expert technologists.