Design of roads and motorways

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The transport infrastructure is not only a basis for the economic development of a country, but it is also a true mirror of it. In the structure of transport featuring the developed countries, the road transport sector plays a leading role.

The significance of roads and, particularly, motorways far exceeds meeting simple transport demands. Their advantage for the economy mainly lies in the economic profit presenting itself in passenger and goods transport. The results of the regional co-operation, the national and international distribution of work and those of trade and tourism are integrated in it. These factors appear in a close interaction with transport, strengthen one another and efficiently contribute to the development of economy. Advantages offered by roads for the individual are also of great importance for the society as a whole. Mobility allows for a more free selection of work, an expansion of potentials for business and undertaking, an establishment and maintenance of relations, tourism, and recreation and an acquisition of experience. Thus, roads significantly contribute to the improvement of the comfort of living.
In is not a mere chance that road design is mentioned first in the name of our company. Since the time of its foundation, UVATERV has been working in this field, and the majority of its field of action is associated with the planning and design of roads.

The co-operation between numbers of special sectors is needed to prepare a design for a road of greater importance, or a motorway. Starting from the geodetic surveys, a co-ordinated design work concerning alignment, bridges, drainage, public utilities, environmental protection and other special fields should be carried out. The enormous professional experience of UVATERV, along with its organisation oriented to solve global tasks, and its technical facilities are particularly advantageous for a work of this kind.

At three design departments, some 60 technical colleagues work almost merely on road design projects, simultaneously organising the work of associated special branches. In each phase of design, an efficient computer support (CAD) is provided for the engineers, thus, the accuracy and co-ordination of a design is given automatically, and the rate of work is many times the rate that can be achieved by using conventional methods.

The most important references concerning our road design are represented by the motorways in Hungary, the technical solution, routing, adoption to the landscape, and safety of which would gain a recognition for their designers anywhere in the world.