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Elaboration of special civil engineering technologies at UVATERV Ltd

2012. 11. 22.

We carry out the above mentioned project in the frame of “Új Széchenyi terv” - New Széchenyi Plan.
We obtained a non-reimbursable subvention of 30.329.700,-HUF for the execution by the tender of KMOP-1.1.4-11/A-2011-0131.
Our technical development colleagues are elaborating 2 topics since the beginning of the year, start of the works.


Press release about completion of R+D project

2012. 10. 12.

The execution of the project “Utilization of the recent innovation results” at UVATERV Engineering Consultants C. C. Ltd was successfully completed. The project was realized within the frame of the new Széchenyi Plan Operative Program for Central Hungary (KMOP-1.1.4-11/B-2011-0131), with a EU non refundable support.


Hungarian – Azeri business forum

2012. 10. 10.

The business forum and businessmen’s meeting related to the Hungarian – Azeri Economic Joint Commission meeting organized by HITA was held in Budapest, on October 8, 2012.


Exploitation and use of Uvaterv Ltd. innovation results

2012. 08. 01.

Uvaterv Ltd. has developed in the recent past a support girder family FI-150 that – due to its modern parameters - can be applied efficiently at construction of bridge structures. In the frame of “New Széchenyi Plan” we keep on developing the innovation, for the realization a non-reimbursable subvention in an amount of 25 million HUF was granted to us by the tender KMOP-1.1.4-11/B-2011-013. In the present project our development colleagues are engaged in the extension of the invention results for a larger applicability..


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