Planning and design of railways

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As far as the global transport responsibilities are concerned, the railways take a share varying with the geographic conditions, the level of economic and technical development, and car ownership rates. Road has a leading role in the field of transport performances all over the world. At the same time, a recent recovery of railway is witnessed in several developed countries, and a number of developing countries are establishing their basic network of railway lines.

After the foundation of UVATERV, the planning and design for reconstruction and modernisation of the railway network furnished the designers with a considerable task. Designs for a number of railway lines in Hungary, including freight and passenger stations, marshalling yards were prepared by designers of UVATERV. Our greatest task in this field was accomplished during the period between 1976 and 1986. The final detail designs for a fully complete 500 km long railway line between Tunisia and Libya (Sfax - Tripoli), and in addition, the design for approval concerning a 730 km railway line between Tripoli and Benghazi were completed over this period.

In addition to the challenges, also designs for the reconstruction of a number of railway stations, and for tramline and suburban railway lines, narrow-gauge railway lines and sidings, as well as certain special superstructures are also among the references of UVATERV Ltd.